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By Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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After this she would cry to her women and bid them bring us dinner whereof I ate with her, and in due time she would arise and command her slave-girls to clean the Hammam and perfume it with pastiles of lign-aloes and ambergris adding a sufficiency of rose-water. [FN#138] Anon we would wash and wipe ourselves with apron napkins of thick silk and drying towels of palm-fibre, after which she would cry aloud to the women who, coming to us at her call, would bring sherbets and we would drink, I and she, until mid-afternoon.

And as they talked over the matter of the youth behold, he came to his senses and his slaves brought him a fresh suit and caused him don it, whereupon Al-Rashid came forward and said, "O young man, thou hast honoured us and favoured us and entreated us with such kindness as other than thyself could never do nor can any requite us with the like; withal there remaineth a somewhat in my heart"--And Shahrazad was surprised by the dawn of day and fell silent and ceased to say her permitted say. " Now when the young man heard these words he bowed his brow groundwards and wept awhile, then he wiped his face and raised his head and asked, "What hath urged you to this?

And Shahrazad was surprised by the dawn of day and fell silent and ceased saying her permitted say. " Then he mounted his beast and the two rode together until they reached the Palace of the Caliph Harun al-Rashid where they craved admission to the presence; and, when leave was granted, the youth went in and standing between the hands of Harun he encouraged his intent and made his tongue eloquent and kissed ground between the royal hands and sat respectfully before him. " Hereat Al-Rashid raised his head, and returning his greeting signed to the Wazir Ja'afar who, as was his wont, stood by his side, and the Minister taking the youth's hand, led him up to Al-Rashid and seated him beside him.

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