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By William Lockley Miller

Established upon surveys and interviews with govt officers and electorate, this ebook makes a speciality of concerns resembling bribery, corruption, inefficiency and freedom of knowledge in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The authors transcend an research of public perceptions and behavior and view public attitudes in the direction of proposals for reform. They demonstrate how the matter of electorate' interactions with officers varies in sort in addition to in measure around the nations of important and jap Europe.

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55 Similarly,in Bulgaria, under the newspaper headline ‘Parents are Prone to Corrupt Practices during the Campaign for Admission to Universities’, the deputy minister of education Anna-Maria Totomanova recently complainedthat bribes leadto a significant distortion in university intakes. ^^ Ultimately this devalues the qualifications awarded by Bulgarian universities. Low-level corruption adds up. Fromademocraticperspective,however,low-levelcorruption is principally importantfor its own sake, not because ofits high-level consequences.

Of course,the two models of a ‘culture of corruption’ and ‘victims of circumstances’ are ideal-types. The real world no doubt consists of a bit of both. Or,moregenerally,a ‘cultureofcorruption’model for ‘them’anda‘victims of circumstances’ model for ‘us’. But the distinction between the two ideal models is important nonetheless. It is also why we paidso much attention to personal experienceof extortion by officials and to officials’ reports about the frequency of tempting offers from theirclients-both of which may affect behaviour despite contrary values and norms.

Those employed in education put the highest priority on freedom and discretion to organise their work, the police put the highest priority on strict application of rules and regulations, and those in health care the puthighest priorityon helping their clients as much as possible. However, it is those in health carewho are also the mostwillingto justify charging their clients ‘informal payments’ for extra or faster service. They have an institutional cultureof gift takingas well as an institutional culture of caring.

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