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By Gary Kern

This is the 1st publication to get better all unique records published via the British records in 2002 and by means of the FBI, finishing the author's ten-year study.

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CIA Central Intelligence Agency of the USA, founded in 1946. CNT Confederación Nacional del Trabajo: National Labor Confederation, an anarcho-syndicalist trade union in Spain. Comintern Kommunisticheskii internatsional or Komintern: Communist International, founded by Lenin in 1919, officially dissolved in 1943. CPGB Communist Party of Great Britain. CPSU Communist Party of the Soviet Union. CPUSA Communist Party of the United States of America. DOL Department of Labor (USA). DOS Department of State (USA).

Everybody mixed. Often the parents were mixed: one Russian, one Austrian, or German, or Czech. The kids naturally developed a fascination for the opposite side—its language, its people, its customs. All these factors conspired in this tiny locale and in one generation to produce no less than a half-dozen major spies for the Soviet Special Services, as both the military and civil intelligence agencies are called. In childhood the boys were known as Misha, Brun, Fedia, Willy, Ignace (possibly Ignaz, Ignat or another variant) and Samuel (in Yiddish, Schmuel).

By such expedients, and an element of sheer good luck, Philby survived in SIS until November 1951, when he was implicated in the defections of Burgess and Maclean, and sacked. Krivitsky’s British episode is but one in the fantastic journey of a man who believed deeply in the Communist cause and joined the Bolshevik Party in the year of the Russian revolution, but who was forced by the blood purges of the 1930s to flee for his life, almost miraculously surviving his comrades, yet without quite giving up his basic belief.

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