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By Herbert Edelsbrunner

This monograph offers a quick direction in computational geometry and topology. within the first half the booklet covers Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations, then it offers the idea of alpha complexes which play a very important position in biology. The valuable a part of the publication is the homology thought and their computation, together with the idea of endurance that is fundamental for functions, e.g. form reconstruction. the objective viewers contains researchers and practitioners in arithmetic, biology, neuroscience and laptop technology, however the publication can also be important to graduate scholars of those fields.

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To prove this, we introduce S1 = {x ≥ R2 | √x√ = 1} and note that B2 − S1 is the prototypical open disk. The x is bijective and bicontinuous function f : B2 − S1 ≤ R2 defined by f (x) = 1−√x√ 2 1 2 implying that B − S ∞ R . While f is a homeomorphism between the open disk and the plane, the identity defined by g(x) = x is an embedding of the open disk in the plane. The basic question in topology is to classify spaces up to topology type. For example, most coffee cups have the same type as the solid torus, which is a ball with a handle.

Markov AA (1958) Insolubility of the problem of homeomorphy. In: Proceedings of International Congress of Mathematicians, pp 14–21 Chapter 9 Homology Groups Given a topological space, its homology is a formal, algebraic way to talk about its connectivity. Better known than the homology groups are their ranks, which are the Betti numbers of the space. In contrast to most other topological formalisms that capture connectivity, homology groups have fast algorithms. 1 Little Creatures We motivate the sequence definitions needed to construct homology groups with a simple example: the 2-dimensional torus.

Part II Complexes Similar to the tessellations of Euclidean space introduced in Chap. 1 there are several equivalent ways to describe alpha shapes. This is perhaps the hallmark of an interesting concept, as it guarantees connections in multiple directions. Of major importance in this course are the bridges between geometry, topology, and applications in biology. We will see that alpha shapes provide substantial contributions to all three of these bridges. Chapter 5 Alpha Complexes The original motivation for the concept of alpha shapes was the desire to develop a concrete version of the intuitive notion of ‘shape’ of a finite point set.

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