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17 U). [VIII] Leaf Apices Alternative Terms Obtuse/ Acute/ Acuminate/ Caudate/ Cuspidate/ Truncate / Aristate / Retuse / Emarginate / Mucronate/ Cirrhose/ Apiculate. Meaning of Alternative Terms 1. Obtuse. , Banyan (Fig. 18). 2. Acute. , China rose (Fig. 18). 3. Acuminate (Caudate). , Ficus religiosa (Fig. 18). 4. Cuspidate. , Pineapple and Date palm (Fig. 18). 5. Truncate. , Caryota llrens. 6. Aristate. 18). 7. Retuse. , Oxalis corymbosa (Fig. 18). 8. Emarginate. , Bauhinia (Fig. 18). 9. Mucronate.

Pericarp is tough with two rows of carpels one above the other bearing seeds irregularly. Calyx is persistent BALAUSTA Fig. 48. Simple. fleshy fruits. AMPHISARCA' r 45 The Method of Studying Angiospenmc Plant ETARIO OF DRUPES ETARIO OF BERRIES Fig. 49. Aggregate fruits. (A. Surface view, B. L. ). , Pomegranate (Fig. 48). (g) Amphisarca. A fleshy fruit with a woody peri carp developing from a syncarpous, superior, many seeded ovary. , Aeg/e mannelos (Fig. 48). Aggregate fruit Fruit developed from a flower having a number of free carpels, all of which ripen together, and are more or less coherent at maturity.

9. Rotate (Wheel-shaped). A gamopetalous corolla with a flat and circular limb at right angles to the short or obsolete tube cf. , Nerium, Solanum, Brinjal (Fig. 30). 10. Papilionaceous (Butterfly-like). , Pea (Fig. 30). 11. Bilabiate (TWo-lipped). , Ocimum, Leucas, etc. (Fig. 30). 12. Personate (Masked). , Dog flower (Anti"hinum) (Fig. 30). 13. Ligulate (Strap-shaped). , SoncJms (Fig. 30). [V] Colour of Corolla [VI] Appendages of Corolla A1tternath~ Terll,ls Spur/Nectary/Corona. Meaning of Alternative Terms 1, Spur.

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