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0h Zilker et al. 4-30h Reference Zagustin et al. (1966) Thorsness (1975) v , τw v , τw v 2 , −u v , τw p 2w 1D 2D 1-D POD, u 2, v 2 , −u v U, V, u 2 , v 2 , S(u), F (u), P (w) 2-D POD turbulence quantities turbulence quantities 2D 1D 2D 1D 1D 1D 2 , S(u), F (u), P (w) u 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 2 , S(u), F (u), P (w) w p 2w 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D u 2 , S(u), F (u), P (w) u 2 τ 2 u 2 , Pw , u 2 , S(u), F (u), Pw , u 2, 2 , −u 2 , −u v 2 , −u v , τw v u 2, u v 2, U, u 1-D POD U, U, U, U τw , U, U, U, V, U, V, U, V, U, V, u 1D 2, v 2 , −u v , τw u 2, U, V, D 1D 1D Measurements Pw , Ucrest τw 12 2.

7%. The detailed results for the different sinusoidal profiles are shown in Fig. 5. 1 (Λ=30 mm). At the measurement location the flow has passed 50 wavelengths, where the last 16 are heated. In order to provide a constant heat flux boundary condition, the wavy PVC bottom wall is covered with a thin layer of Manganin foil and can be heated resistively. A Manganin foil of 1000 mm length, LM , and 300 mm width, BM , with a uniform thickness of 45 µm is used. Manganin is a copper-manganesenickel (CuMnNi) alloy and characterized by a moderate specific electric 26 3.

It is an aim of this work to present such data for fully developed turbulent channel flow with constant heat flux, the emphasis being on the turbulent momentum and turbulent heat transfers. We provide a benchmark data set under well defined conditions to allow the interacting optimization of numerical and experimental models for detecting relevant transport properties and predicting interesting (macro-) technical flow test cases. The survey and the significance of the present project are illustrated in Fig.

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