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By Yakov Gelfgat, Mikhail Gelfgat, Yuri Lopatin

Offers particular descriptions and case reports of the various applied sciences constructed and usual in Russia. There are directional drilling, deep and ultra-deep good development, underbalanced drilling, rotary-turbine drills, underreamers, and retractable drill bits.

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It should be noticed, however, that the hydraulic transmission channel had been studied and used in the FSU along with relevant downhole sensors for the turbodrill RPM indicator. In special cases like the Kola superdeep borehole (see Chapter 5), the system that was based on the hydraulic information channel for measuring WOB and inclination angle had been developed and successfully used up to 12,000 m. qxd 4/28/03 10:39 AM Page 18 ADVANCED DRILLING SOLUTIONS LESSONS FROM THE FSU In fairness, it should be mentioned that the signal transmission cable had more advantages than the hydraulic channel since it allowed a real-time transmission of significantly larger amounts of data.

Data acquisition and processing were carried out using an IBM PC during system operations. The control measurements are carried out by switching off the circulation. 1º. The bottomhole operational time obtained was 300 hours. 4) 50 (111) Well logging was conducted by the “HORIZONT” method-and-apparatus complex running downhole on drillpipe. The parameter complex recording (GR, NGR, SP, apparent resistivity, azimuth, and zenith angle) was carried out for eight hours. An express analysis was given on the well site immediately after processing on the IBM PC.

If required, drillers can create additional pulling force by pumping water in the rod end (13) between the drillstring (5) and the casing string (11) through the tee (13). From the top, the rod end is sealed by an annular preventer (19) (Fig. 4–16d). In the suggested drilling method, a drillbit can only be run in combination with the PDM. If certain well intervals are to be drilled using the rotary drilling method or if operations to eliminate downhole problems are required, then the drillstring (5) section resting on the support structure is disconnected from the drillstring section in the borehole at the wellhead (7).

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