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By Alberto Cialdea, Flavia Lanzara, Paolo Emilio Ricci

This quantity contains numerous invited lectures given on the overseas Workshop "Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and Applications", held on the Mathematical division of Sapienza college of Rome, at the party of the seventieth birthday of Vladimir G. Maz'ya, a popular mathematician and one of many major specialists within the box of natural and utilized research. The ebook goals at spreading the seminal principles of Maz'ya to a bigger viewers in schools of sciences and engineering. in truth, all articles have been encouraged via earlier works of Maz'ya in numerous frameworks, together with classical and modern difficulties hooked up with boundary and preliminary worth difficulties for elliptic, hyperbolic and parabolic operators, Schr?dinger-type equations, mathematical thought of elasticity, power conception, skill, singular fundamental operators, p-Laplacians, useful research, and approximation concept. Maz'ya is writer of greater than 450 papers and 20 books. In his lengthy occupation he bought many wonderful and regularly stated leads to the idea of harmonic potentials on non-smooth domain names, power and means theories, areas of capabilities with bounded edition, greatest precept for higher-order elliptic equations, Sobolev multipliers, approximate approximations, and so forth. the themes integrated during this quantity might be quite worthy to all researchers who're drawn to reaching a deeper realizing of the big services of Vladimir Maz'ya.

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Pasic and D. Vassiliev, PP-waves with torsion and metric-affine gravity Class. Quantum Grav. 22 (2005) 3961–3975. [2] D. Vassiliev, Teleparallel model for the neutrino Phys. Rev. D 75 (2007) 025006. W. N. Obukhov, Elie an essay Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie 32 (2007) 157–194. [4] A. Dimakis and F. M¨ uller-Hoissen, Solutions of the Einstein–Cartan–Dirac equations with vanishing energy-momentum tensor J. Math. Phys. 26 (1985) 1040–1048. [5] A. Dimakis and F. M¨ uller-Hoissen, On a gauge condition for orthonormal threeframes Phys.

Hence, the case of general A has been reduced to the case dA = 0. Step 2. 7) under the assumption A = 0. 7) under the assumption A = 0 and are now looking at the case dA = 0. 4) with ϑ4α = 1 Aα −m . 10) 22 J. Burnett, O. Chervova and D. 6). Let us now perform a change of coordinates x ˜α = xα , α = 0, 1, 2, 3, x ˜4 = x4 − 1 m A · dx. 11) Note that the integral A · dx is (locally) well defined because of the assumption dA = 0. 11) is against the rules we stated in the beginning of Section 4 when describing our model (we changed the original Kaluza coordinate x4 to a new coordinate x ˜4 ) but we are doing this only for the purpose of proving the lemma.

Burago, V. Maz’ya, Potential Theory and Function Theory for Irregular Regions, Consultants Bureau, New York, 1969. [3] H. Federer, Geometric measure theory, Springer, Berlin, 1969. H. W. Rishel, An integral formula for total gradient variation, Arch. Math. 11 (1960), 218–222. [5] V. Maz’ya, Sobolev spaces, Springer Series in Soviet Mathematics. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1985. [6] V. Maz’ya, Classes of regions and embedding theorems for functional spaces, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR 133 (1960), 527–530.

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