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By Gwendolyn Leick

The single English-language publication of its sort, this dictionary supplies a complete survey of the complete variety of historical close to jap structure: from the Neolithic around huts in Palestine to the enormous temples of Ptolemaic Egypt. Leick describes the differences of common old architectural buildings corresponding to pyramids, tombs and homes, info the construction fabric and strategies hired, and clarifies professional terminology.

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It was originally a XII Dynasty garrison, which was destroyed and eventually rebuilt during the XVIII Dynasty. From then on it was in constant use until the end of the XX Dynasty (11thC BC). It was a large rectangular structure (170m×150m), secured by a dry ditch and ramparts. 85m thick) were crowned with crenellations and strengthened by projecting square towers and round 38 bastions. There were two gates. The main one had a wooden drawbridge and was flanked by massive spur-walls projecting from the facade.

Instead, the walls were ornamented with wall paintings or murals of glazed bricks, featuring stylised plants and heraldic animals. At the NE corner of the palace which bordered the Euphrates, structures consisting of parallel vaulted corridors below ground level were discovered; these have sometimes been interpreted as the substructure of the famous ‘Hanging Gardens’ which the king was said to have built for his Median wife Amytis. An immensely strong structure with very thick walls (21m), the so-called ‘Vorwerk’, served as a barrier against the strong current of the river at this point.

The ziggurat, however, is relatively well preserved and follows the standard Mesopotamian pattern. 60m). The mudbrick core is built up of layers interlaid with sand-imbedded reed matting and secured by plaited reed ropes running through the whole structure from side to side. 50m). Of great interest is the extensive palace. A large court (64m2) is surrounded on three sides by units comprising one long room (or corridor) and a small room on each side. There were vaulted store rooms and passages and arched doorways.

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