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During this paintings, the Spanish copulae ser and estar are argued to be aspectual morphemes. Their binary competition displays the common aspectual values [±Perfective], that are an analogous ones openly expressed via the preterite and imperfect prior stressful varieties in Spanish. it may hence be proven that kinds of states, similar to sorts of occasions, should be labeled according to their aspectual composition. also, the inherent semantic variations among occasions and states will be accounted for through interpreting point as employing to occasions internally and to states externally. an invaluable source for the start linguist in addition to the main professional analyst, this paintings is written in language that's effortless to appreciate whereas closing devoted to all the acceptable suitable technical terminology. someone who's heavily drawn to exploring why the Spanish verbs ser and estar are used the best way they're should still learn this publication.

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In the (b)-reading, the spatial expression modifies the main predicate of the sentence. Sentence (25), which contains an individual-level predicate, has only one possible reading, which is that of the 35 36 Aspect and the Categorization of States: The Case of ser and estur in Spanish spatial expression modifying the main predicate of the sentence. The reason for this difference according to Kratzer is that: temporal and spatial expressions accompanying verbs relate to the verb they modify via the Davidsonian argument.

Moreover, this use of estar also entails that prior to this stage in time, the act of watching television was not in progress and thereafter will not continue indefinitely. Such is an indication of a change that has taken place in regards to a previous state of affairs and one that is expected to take place in the near future. Now let us take a look at data that do not support the estar us indicator ofchange analysis, ' 2 2 . 2 estar used for geographical or other location Counterexamples to this interpretation of estar are numerous and easy to find in everyday language.

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