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18 The mocking parodies of black vernacular speech, however, may also have had a significant resonance among nineteenth-century audiences that included European immigrants 11 Carnivalesque and Grotesque undergoing acculturation to Anglo-Saxon norms in northern cities, in which case we may speculate whether audiences were also “laughing with” comic impersonators, that is to say identifying with the minstrel figure as a troubadour whose stories addressed the travails of adaptation to modern urban life.

Courtesy ZooID Pictures Limited. mannerist contemporary of Passarotti, which makes it clear that Agostino was not the only artist who found the work absorbing. Malvasia’s description is a compelling but nevertheless incomplete evocation of the Merry Company, since it omits any mention of the black African couple (and the dog as well). Maybe Malvasia found the dark-skinned pair too troubling to mention, though he is usually eager to describe the most grotesque and ludicrous details in Bolognese painting.

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