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For simplicity’s sake though, we will tackle them one at a time. 6 Step 4: Shading the core of the tail If the comet has two or more widely separated tails, concentrate on rendering one at a time. Rendering the bright core of the tail first will give you a spine on which to build the rest of the tail. Using the stars in your sketch as a guide, note which direction the tail points. Use averted vision to determine how long it appears and how wide it is. Load your blending stump and begin with the portion of the tail that is the most obvious.

I have noticed they are great for sharpening the Conté Crayon sticks as well. 1 • Masking Tape (2″ wide) • Sketch board If you use the full sheet of Strathmore paper as I do, a sketch board made of 1/8″-thick 24″ × 30″ Masonite, or press board, will allow you to position the paper and tape it down with room to spare for a hand hold. Obviously, you will probably want to make or purchase a smaller sketch board if you use half or quarter sheets. • Easel An inexpensive wooden easel will make it easy to hold the sketch board while drawing.

A right-reading view may be rotated in any direction, but is otherwise normal. Telescopes with an odd number of mirrors, such as Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes (SCTs) or refractors with mirror diagonals, will present a mirror image. 3 Cardinal directions in a mirrored view south, and east. 2) For a mirror-imaged view, working clockwise, the cardinal directions will proceed as follows: north, east, south, and west. 4 Sketch and Observation Log Sheets There are a wide variety of methods for recording your sketches and observing notes.

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