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Although many galaxies are The shapes barred spirals, there are a few smaller ones which have not developed spiral arms. ft**"' "irregular" galaxies. Elliptical galaxies must have made all their gas into stars very early on. As a result, they are now huge featureless balls of old red stars. Quasars The most energetic of known A quasar -3C 273 all objects are the distant quasars. These are probably young galaxies still collapsing from huge gas clouds, which are dominated by a colossal black hole.

VT> . • Other Galaxies Beyond our Galaxy, separated from us by vast tracts of empty space, lie billions of other galaxies. Astronomers have to use powerful telescopes to see them. A few are visible to the unaided eye, like the Andromeda Galaxy. It looks like a twin of the Milky Way, but is The Andromeda Galaxy nearly half as and over 2 million light years away. Although many galaxies are The shapes barred spirals, there are a few smaller ones which have not developed spiral arms. ft**"' "irregular" galaxies.

The astronauts on the Apollo 15 lunar mission were able to see many more bright stars against a black background. The On celestial if they Moon orbits the taking simultaneous photographs of the sky and the lunar surface. North sphere celestial a clear night, the stars appear as Module (CSM) pole were painted on a huge dome. Of course, in reality, they are separated by vast tracts of empty space. But we can use a celestial sphere to show the position of the stars as they appear to us the night sky.

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