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The concentration of acetate ions will increase substantially. The hydrogen ion concentration will be partially but not completely restored because of the increased acetate concentration. If, on the other hand, hydrogen ions are added to the system, equilibrium (3-7) is disturbed in the opposite direction and moves from right to left. Acetic acid is formed with little effect on its total concentration but the small acetate concentration rapidly falls to a small fraction of its original value, the hydrogen ion concentration being increased reciprocally.

Their molecular weights range from an arbitrary lower limit of 10000 to several million and from its DNA content it has been estimated that the human body contains some 100000 different types of protein. Proteins are, moreover, usually unique to the species from which they are derived so that human serum albumin is distinct from that of a duck, dog, hen or horse and, although similar in structure and function, they have slight differences in composition and are immunologically distinct. 2. Nevertheless all proteins are derived from the same selection of 20 amino acids which are joined by peptide linkages into long unbranched polypeptide chains.

The free amino acid, like ornithine, is involved in the urea cycle. Histidine owes its basic properties to the presence of NH2 / C=NH \ NH Guanidino group -+- CH 2 I CH 2 I CH 2 Arginine (Arg) CHNH2 I COOH the imidazole ring. This grouping is only weakly basic and within the physiological pH range (6-5-7-5) where dissociation occurs histidine may function either as a proton donor or proton acceptor. This is probably the reason for the crucial role of histidine residues in the activity of many enzymes, including trypsin and chymotrypsin (page 86).

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