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By Henry N. Houérou

Masking a space of over a hundred thirty million km2 spanning the Mediterranean, equator and tropics, the African continent encompasses a outstanding geographic range. as a result, it's characterized via super variable climatic, edaphic and ecological stipulations, linked to quite a lot of common plants and natural world, in addition to human inhabitants density, vegetation and farm animals. during this ebook, Henry Le Hou?rou offers his bioclimatic and biogeographic type of Africa. The broad facts give you the foundation for comparisons among a number of African areas, and with areas on different continents reminiscent of Latin the US or the Indian subcontinent. the implications represent a rational foundation for nationwide, nearby and sub-regional rural improvement making plans, and for agricultural learn facing points equivalent to plant and animal introductions, the extrapolation or interpolation of experimental or developmental findings, and ecosystems dynamics. attainable difficulties of purposes also are tested.

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Thus defined, the length of the rainy season is as shown in Table T8, and Figs. 6–9, 23–26, 37–40, 43, 44, 46 and 47. 3 Classification Criteria 27 Tables A1, A5, A9 and Figs. 17–22). In Figs. 35 ETo and 2 t curves throughout the rainy season. 35 ETo and 2 t curves remain above the rainfall curve yearlong in hyper-arid zones. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule in areas that are not hyper-arid. 35 ETo curve remains yearlong above the P curve in spite of the fact that these areas are not really hyper-arid, according to other criteria (vegetation, crops, soils).

E. by a period when P falls below 1/3 of ETo. Whenever there are two dry and two rainy seasons, the regime is labelled “2” in Table A1; otherwise, it is labelled “1”, even if there are two rainy peaks. The labels “1” and “2” in Table A1 thus do not necessarily correspond with monomodal and bimodal regimes. My meaning of monomodal and bimodal is therefore identical to that of other authors such as Nicholson et al. (1988) and De Martonne (1926, 1927a, b). It should also be emphasised that tropical (monomodal) patterns are usually associated with contrasting thermal regimes, whereas equatorial (bimodal) patterns are associated with homogeneous thermal regimes (seasonal amplitude ≈ 5°C) with yearlong high temperatures, as shown in Figs.

N Euphorbia tirucalli E Gmelina arborea N Euphorbia abyssinica N Grewia bicolor N Euphorbia candelabum N Grewia mollis E Grevillea robusta N Lannea acida N Juniperus procera (=J. excelsa) N Lannea microcarpa N Khaya senegalensis N Maytenus senegalensis E Leucaena leucocephala N Parinari curatellifolia Mangifera indica N Parinari excelsa E N Mitragyna inennis N Parinari macrophylla N Parkia biglobosa N Peltophornm frugineum E/N Poinciana reggia (=Delonix reggia) E Pithecellobium dulcis N Prosopis africana E Pithecellobium saman N Sclerocarya birrea N Pterocarpus erinaceus N Stereospermum kunthianum N Sterculia setigera N Tenninalia avicennoides N Strychnos spinosa N Tenninalia brownii N Tenninalia sericea C.

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