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Providing a starting place in warmth and mass shipping, this ebook covers engineering rules of warmth and mass move. the writer discusses organic content material, context, and parameter regimes and offers sensible functions for organic and biomedical engineering, business meals processing, environmental keep watch over, and waste administration. The e-book comprises end-of-chapter difficulties and sections highlighting key ideas and demanding terminology It bargains cross-references for simple entry to similar parts and proper formulation, in addition to precise examples of delivery phenomena, and outlines of actual procedures. It covers mechanisms of diffusion, capillarity, convection, and dispersion.

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These are the thermal comfort factors. Since evaporation (sweating) has a cooling effect, higher evaporation is required at higher temperature. 8. 8 is valuable in the design of buildings. Building surface temperatures are important factors for achieving thermal comfort since the body exchanges radiative heat with the walls around it. 8: Temperature and humidity combinations for human comfort. Adapted from Concepts in thermal comfort by M. D. Egan, c 1975 by Prentice Hall. Reprinted by permission.

Molecules move more randomly. 2. In a gas, the molecules are farther apart. Molecular movements are most random and interactions are less frequent. 2). 18 CHAPTER 2. 1) where qx is the rate of heat flow in the x direction, A is area perpendicular to the x direction through which the heat flows, k is the thermal conductivity of the medium (solid, liquid, or gas), and T is the temperature at a location x. 3. The quantity qx /A is called heat flux, which is heat flow per unit time per unit area, and will be denoted by the symbol qx .

Plenum Press, New York. 13 Chapter 2 MODES OF HEAT TRANSFER C HAPTER O BJECTIVES After you have studied this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Understand the physical processes and the rate laws describing the three modes of heat transfer, conduction, convection, and radiation. 2. Understand the material properties that affect heat conduction in a material. K EY T ERMS • diffusion • heat flow rate • conduction • convection • Fourier’s law • bulk flow • thermal conductivity • convective heat transfer coefficient • thermal diffusivity • convection • heat flux • radiation In this chapter we will study the fundamental ways energy can be transported.

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