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By Werner Nachtigall, Alfred Wisser

Bionics potential studying from the character for the advance of know-how. The technological know-how of "bionics" itself is assessed into a number of sections, from fabrics and buildings over systems and strategies until eventually evolution and optimization. now not a majority of these parts, or just a couple of, are particularly recognized within the public and in addition in medical literature. This comprises the Lotus-effect, switched over to the contamination-reduction of fassades and the shark-shed-effect, switched over to the resistance-reduction of airplanes. in spite of the fact that, there are 1000's of hugely fascinating examples that comprise the transformation of ideas of the character into expertise. From the massive variety of those examples, 250 have been chosen for the current publication in keeping with "prehistory", "early-history", "classic" and "modern time". so much examples are new. each instance features a published web page in a homogeneous association. The examples from the sphere "modern time" are joint in blocks resembling the sub-disciplines of bionics.

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If however, one compares the possibilities of the arrangement of the part-fruits, function comes into play. CRITICISM OF THE PURE FORM-MODEL: Nature-forms are always functional, then however only with reference to their respective tasks. The intestine has a series of functions, from the transportation up to the re-absorption. If one shapes a „biomorphic“ building in intestineform (F. Kiesler, an American architect of the 60th years, s. p. 91), such functions don't play any role, and new technical functions are not deducible from the form.

1950): Perfezionamento nella costruzione di solai, volte … Italienisches Patent Nr. 455678. 24 Early histo "CClassic" Ó Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015 W. Nachtigall and A. 1007/978-3-319-05858-0_3 25 26 Classic "CLASSICAL PERIOD" Shortly before the 2nd world war, modern bionics begins to develop. A centre of these approaches - from the present-day point of view already to be named "classical" - develops at the Technical University of Berlin, where the botanist G. Helmcke and the aerodynamicist H.

PRINCIPLE: Evolution-strategy works with the 4 named parameters of the natural evolution. If an introduced mutation leads to better reproductive-successes, the respective characteristic-bearer is taken as parent for a new generation, alternatively one goes back to the prior one. Such an evolution-strategic action especially proves itself in particular where there are (still) theories or calculation-procedures available. EXAMPLE: In a classic experiment, where one already knows, what will be the result, the evolution-strategy was tested.

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