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By Xun Shen, Roel van Wijk

It is now good tested that every one residing platforms emit a vulnerable yet everlasting photon flux within the obvious and ultraviolet diversity. This biophoton emission is correlated with many, if now not all, organic and physiological capabilities. There are symptoms of a hitherto-overlooked info channel in the dwelling approach. Biophotons may possibly set off chemical reactivity in cells, progress keep watch over, differentiation and intercellular conversation, i.e. organic rhythms. the elemental experimental and theoretical framework in addition to the technical difficulties and the extensive box of purposes within the biotechnical, biomedical engineering, engineering, medication, pharmacology, environmental technological know-how and easy technological know-how fields are offered during this publication. to advertise the conversation and mutual penetration among biophoton study and photon expertise is among the very important pursuits for the overseas convention on Biophotons & Biophotonics 2003, and is built and provided in Biophotonics: Optical technology and Engineering within the twenty first Century.

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Using these sensors, we were able to measure the dynamics of activation of caspase-3 and caspase-8 in a single living cell. These sensors not only enable us to study the molecular mechanisms of cell regulation in an in vivo condition, they also provide a powerful tool for rapid-screening of new drugs. Particularly, these FRET-based bio-sensors can be developed into a useful platform technology for discovering the active components contained in various traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). 2. 1. General Properties of GFP Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is a naturally fluorescent protein (MW 27 kDa) isolated from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria (Shimomura et al, 1962).

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