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By Peter Schumacher

facing asthma, hay
fever or neurodermatitis usually dramatically reduces a patient's caliber of existence.
The luck cost for chemical suppression or hyposensitization remedies is
unsatisfactory. additionally, there are elevated numbers of negative effects and

Using decades of well-documented, effectively handled case histories and
his event received in deepest pediatric perform, the writer is ready to
demonstrate that asthma will be healed thoroughly once they are famous as
a biophysical phenomenon and handled in line with the legislation of biophysics.

Based at the substantive thought of ''bioresonance therapy,'' this e-book
elaborates broadly and systematically at the origin and perform of the
biophysical ''elimination'' of asthma - that's to claim, with out chemical compounds or
the tension resultant from unintended effects, quite famous in pediatrics.
Recognizing and "Eliminating" asthma utilizing Biophysical

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Once formed, the allergy imprint remains in place. It is inactive unless it comes into contact with the allergen. Activated by the specific information that characterizes its imprint, it triggers the allergic reaction via impulses using the known mechanisms, i. e. antibody formation, mast cell sensitization, release of histamine, etc. Typical for this kind of “allergy imprint” is not only the specificity—it is unique to a particular range of frequency information—but also the ability to manipulate it.

3. C. Smith and his team’s sensational experiments at the University of Salford, England, are the most important and irrefutable proof to date. He examined individual people’s reactions while in contact with their allergens. The group was exclusively made up of hyperergic patients, that is, people extremely sensitive to numerous substances (Smith 1989). Initial research was based on the findings of J. B. Miller. He discovered in the 1970s that skin reactions of hypersensitive patients tested by means of the prick test did not diminish with gradual dilution of the allergen as was expected.

A disastrous cycle begins: an illness characteristic for the times we live in. fm Seite 17 Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2004 9:54 09 1 The Physics Aspect in Medicine 17 development of our medical paradigm. The only chance these patients, primarily children (of any age), have is to reverse their therapies: Abstain from applying chemically suppressive therapies wherever it is deemed responsible. Instead, stimulate and support the body’s own defense mechanisms. This is the only way to train and strengthen the immune system, which will eventually enable the patients to overcome illnesses of their own accord.

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