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By John Ganapes

A finished resource for studying blues guitar, designed to improve either your lead and rhythm enjoying. Covers all types of blues, together with Texas, Delta, R&B, early rock and roll, gospel, blues/rock and extra. comprises 21 whole solos; blues chords, progressions and riffs; turnarounds; portable scales and soloing innovations; string bending; audio with leads and whole band backing; and extra!

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12) 'To bathe' Spanish c. Per pintar. 0) for paint-INF 'For painting' d. Ajugar. ' Catalan (22) Verb + Infinitive a. Voy a busca(r) la pelota. ' b. Tenia que t(r)abaja(r). ' Spanish c. ' d Vo(l) pujar. 2. Distribution ofclitics EARLY VERBS AND THE ACQUISITION OF TENSE 21 In relation to b), following the same procedure as in Guasti (1993/94), I examine the distribution of clitics with respect to the finite or non-finite verb as additional evidence. The problem with this type of evidence is that children initially omit most of these elements due, among other reasons, to the fact that they are unstressed forms (similar to the omission of unstressed determiners).

1990. Syntactic Theory and the Acquisition of English Syntax. The Nature ofEarly Child Grammars ofEnglish. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. Radford, Andrew. 1994. Tense and Agreement Variability in Child Grammars of English. In: B. Lust, M. Suller, 1. ) Syntactic Theory and First Language Acquisition: Cross-Linguistic Perspectives. Vol. 1. Heads, Projections, and Learnability. Hove-London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 135-158. Rizzi, Luigi. 1993/1994. Some Notes on Linguistic Theory and Language Development: The Case of Root Infinitives.

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