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Alter difficulty: Increase by continually transitioning from positions 1 to 2 pictured above - (Lowering to L-sit). Decrease by returning to a regular hang position between repetitions. Side to Side L-Sit Begin the exercise in a regular L-sit following the form requirement previously outlined. Keep the legs extended straight at hip level. Transition to the left - return to the middle - transition to the right. This movement is to be completed at a controlled speed. Alter difficulty: Increase by performing the movement with the feet raised higher.

The left arm is the ‘assisting arm’ which provides minimal assistance. Retract and depress the shoulder blades. Keep the chest elevated. A natural arch in the lower back is encouraged. Repeat all repetitions on the same side before switching to the opposite side. Alter difficulty: Increase by extending the legs straight. Increase by elevating straight legs onto an object which is knee height. | 27 | Chest to wall Handstand Stand facing away from the wall. Walk up the wall and extend into a handstand position.

Point the toes: This is not for aesthetics, it will ensure the legs remain locked straight. From the position in the initial picture aim to lift the feet to head height. The hips will move slightly forward which requires a strong activation of the abdominals, legs, and triceps. Return back to the Regular L-sit and repeat for repetitions. Archer Bodyweight Rows The principle for the Archer Bodyweight Rows is the same as previously described for the other ‘Archer’ exercises. Assume a wider than shoulder width grip Shift the bodyweight to the ‘working arm’.

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