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By Patricia Bragg, Paul Bragg

I'm nearly stunned to work out that no-one have probably learn and rated this specified e-book. have had a foul again all my existence, not able to even perform Chi Kung with no hurting it! on the first attempt of this easy regimen of again stretching, i believe younger back: 30 years much less in subject of again ease and confort! attempt it!

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The hard outer material that gives the bone its shape and strength consists primarily of chemical compounds of calcium and phosphorus. The bones and teeth contain 90% of the body’s calcium, which is required more than any other mineral for repair of body tissues. The soft inner part of the bone is called marrow. Most bone marrow is yellowish in color, made up of fat cells and serving as a storage depot for fat which can be converted into energy as the body’s needs require. Toward the ends of the long bones and generally throughout the interior of the flat bones (such as those of the skull and the spinal column), patches and streaks of reddish tissue show in the marrow.

A dislocation, an obvious, violent disarrangement through injury or strain, when sudden, is felt acutely. The settling process by which a vertebra becomes improperly positioned is often gradual; it may even begin to grow that way during teenage years. The slow erosion of cartilage and weakening of muscles and ligaments may go unnoticed for a long time, because of the body’s amazing natural ability to compensate and the built-in power of the spine to withstand punishment. When vertebrae have come so close together that they impoverish any set of nerves, some part of the human mechanism slows down, weakens, suffers and draws unduly on nervous vitality in an effort to overcome the handicap.

3. Massage and Physiotherapy: Many forms of massage and physiotherapy can increase vital circulation to help nourish your cartilage, connective tissues and to break up unhealthy, painful deposits in your joints and tissues. There are many therapies to choose from in Chapter 11 under Alternative Therapies (pages 117 to 120). 4. Exercise and Movement: Commonly, those who are already experiencing pain are advised to rest, and this feels appropriate because pain usually means stop! However, studies show that continued activity in spite of pain actually can lessen pain through release of endorphins and strengthen joints as well.

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