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Summary thought is still an integral beginning for the examine of concrete situations. It indicates what the final photograph should still seem like and gives effects which are priceless repeatedly. regardless of this, notwithstanding, there are few, if any introductory texts that current a unified photo of the overall summary idea.

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Kenig in 1982. Before giving the precise definition, let us recall two basic geometric constructions that are linked to each other. 15, any open set in a space of homogeneous type admits a Whitney-type decomposition into a collection of balls each of whose radius is comparable to its distance from the boundary of the open set; moreover, the number of balls (in the collection) that intersect is bounded above by a universal constant. n, this decomposition takes the particularly simple form of a decomposition in disjoint open dyadic cubes, which cover all of the given open set with the exception of a set of measure zero and whose radius is comparable to their distance from the boundary of the open set [Ste70, pp.

26), for 1 :S p :S 00, which form the Hardy space hP(lR~+l); cf. [SW71]. 12 has been extended to the Euclidean half space lR~+l. A curve ending at (0,0) is a continuous map "( : (0,1) -+ lR~+l such that lims-tl "((s) = (0,0), the origin in lRn+l; the curve "( is tangential to lRn if for each a there is an f such that (w, t) E ,,(, 0 :S t :S f => IW I 2: at . 24 CHAPTER 1. 18 [Aik91] Let'Y : (0,1) C lR~+l be a a curve in lR~+l that ends at (0,0) and is tangential to lRn. Then there is a bounded harmonic function u in lR~+l such that for each w E lRn the limit lim t-+O,(v,t)ey+w u(v, t) does not exist.

2. 24. Fix a positive h. There is a first index]o such that Yjo = ¢(Xjo) is less than h. Then the cross-section L[h] is the union of two parts: the cross-section for r 1 (Zjo) [h], and the one for Uj>jor 1 (Zj). The first is contained in a ball of radius h, since h - Yjo < h. d. is contained in B(O, ((3 + 1) . h). The construction of a sequence E = {zn} nEN C C with the properties stated above is achieved by the method illustrated in Figs. 4. Start from a point Z E C, Z = (Xl, yd = (Xl, ¢(xd) and consider the intersection (1 of the horizontal line through z, in the (x, y)-plane, with the boundary of the cone r p(O); then we move along the vertical line through (1 until we meet the curve C at the point (X2' Y2), and so on.

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